Take the hassle out of keeping your pool or spa running at its peak by using our inground pool and spa service and maintenance. This includes pool openings and closing, vinyl liner repairs, leak detection and more.  

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Introducing Thursty Pools’ Premier Pool Opening Service: Dive into the Season with Confidence!

At Thursty Pools, we understand that the anticipation of opening your pool for the season should be met with excitement, not stress. That’s why we’ve perfected our pool opening service to deliver unmatched convenience and peace of mind.

1. Draining and Cleaning the Pool Cover:
For pools with solid tarp winter covers, we begin by draining the water to ensure a smooth removal process. Our team places a pump on the cover, eliminating leaves and allowing them to dry before bagging and disposing of them. This meticulous approach minimizes debris falling into the water, making your pool opening easier. The cover is then laid out on the driveway, or other suitable area, and cleaned of debris. The cover is allowed to dry and then rolled up and ready for storage. 

For pools with safety covers, we begin by cleaning the debris off the cover before removal. The cover is then cleaned and allowed to dry before it is folded up and placed in the customer’s storage bag.

It is recommended that once covers have had a day or two to dry completely, they are stored in a solid storage bin for the summer. Covers are a favorite nesting material for rodents.

2. Pool Preparation
While your cover is being cleaned, our other technician will remove all the winter plugs from the skimmer, returns and drains. The return fittings, skimmer basket, lights, ladder etc. will be re-Installed. The plugs will be put back in the pool equipment and all valves and unions will be re-attached. If the pool was covered with a safety cover, the water level will be up to level so the pool can be started up. Once the pool is running, the opening chemicals can be added. If the pool  was covered with a solid cover, we will attempt to start the pool, but if the water level is too low, we will set everything up so all that remains to be done is the start up.

After the cover is cleaned and rolled up, the technician will wash down the deck and bag any leaves and remove them from the site.

PLEASE NOTE: Heaters are a gas appliance and can only be serviced by a licensed gas technician. Our technicians can not start heaters with standing pilot lights. For electronic ignition heaters, our technicians will turn on the heater to make sure it works but then the heater will be left off with the gas line valve closed unless otherwise instructed. If the heater does not turn on, a service call by a gas technician will be required.

VACUUMING: Vacuuming of the pool at the time of opening is not included but can be performed for an additional charge.



If it is time to give your pool a new look with a replacement liner, Thursty Pools is the place to go. We use the highest quality vinyl liners from a local manufacturer.

The process is simple, once you have made the decision to entrust Thursty Pools with your liner replacement, we will:
1. Visit your home to expertly measure your pool for a custom-fitted liner. This can be done with the pool full if the water is clear enough to see the bottom. We will drain the pool and remove the old liner to measure if the water is too dirty or if there is water under the liner preventing us from seeing the form of the pool.

2. When the new liner is ready to be installed, we will return to remove the old liner, if required, and clean the entire pool bottom. We will clean all the walls and retape all the wall seams. We will install your new liner and start the pool-filling process. The filling of the pool can be done with the home’s water source or Thursty Pools can arrange a water truck for you. The cost of this water is not included.

3. Once the water levels are up to the required levels, we will cut in the steps and use new face plates and gaskets for the skimmer, returns and drains. If the pool has steps or lights that require new gaskets, these will be billed separately. The pool can now be filled the rest of the way and started up.

PLEASE NOTE: Chemicals and salt are not included in the liner replacement cost. If upon the removal of the liner, it is discovered that the pool bottom or walls are in need of any repair, this will be quoted and billed separately.


At Thursty Pools, we offer a wide range of items to meet your swimming pool needs.

Inground Pool Pumps: Choose from our selection of high-quality pumps including the Pentair Superflo, Superflo VS, IntelliFlo3, and the Hayward Super Pump.

Aboveground Pumps: We carry the Pentair Power Flo and the Hayward Ultra Pro pumps designed specifically for aboveground pools.

Filters: Keep your pool water clean with our variety of filters including the Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filters, Pentair Sand Dollar, and the Hayward Pro Series sand filters.

Heaters: Extend your swimming season with our efficient heaters such as the Pentair Mastertemp Heater, Hayward H-Series, and Rheem Heaters.

Salt Chlorine Systems: Simplify pool maintenance with our Pentair Intellichlor Systems, available in models IC-15, IC-20, IC-30, and IC-40.

Explore our comprehensive selection of pool equipment and accessories to keep your pool running smoothly all season long.


Let the Experts Handle Your Pool Leaks
Worried about a potential pool leak but not quite sure? Our expert team can ease your concerns with thorough leak detection tests to identify if it’s just evaporation or if repairs are necessary.
If further assistance is needed to pinpoint and fix a leak, our Service Department’s trained professionals are ready to help.
We offer professional Leak Detection Services for your pool:
  • Electronic Search and Locate: We electronically search your pool for any holes within the liner and pinpoint their locations.
  • Drain Search and Repair (DSR): For pools with a vinyl liner under 3 years old, we conduct an electronic search of the exterior, drain the pool, and perform a thorough under-the-liner search and repair.